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All official Ricks Loomatik Chapters receive the following:
1) Direct access to loom inventor Paul Ricks.

2) 10% discount off of all Ricks Beading Loom purchases of 10 pieces or more.

3) 10% discount off of all Ricks Beading Loom branded products (kits, booklets, etc.)

4) A free loom pattern sent to you by Mr. Ricks every month to be shared with chapter members who come by the shop.

5) An official listing in the Ricks Loomatiks Chapter Registry which will be accessible to the public on our website.

6) An official Chapter Charter to hang in the shop as an attention grabber.

7) Membership cards, which can be used as “loyalty” cards for shop discounts, if you so choose.

8) The ability to share thoughts and ideas with other shop owners in a private Loomatik Facebook Group. Discuss new ways of generating revenue for your store!

Chapter Requirements:
• Monthly Loomatiks chapter meeting

• Monthly Ricks Beading Loom beginner’s class


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